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Creating meaningful connections in your world of work.

The world of work is changing… and very quickly. Your connection to your job, your career, your vocation, is constantly being challenged.
Challenged by technology, customers, managers, family and opportunity! Bureau founders have a deep belief in a “better way“ to help you connect in this world of work.
Through a range of fresh innovative means, we will help you find these meaningful connections whether you are looking for a new place, a new person or a new paradigm!

Who we are

First of all, we are a team.

Each of us has a separate life and work experience and skills set to bring to the team and make it strong and very useful…. For you!



I have been in the recruitment industry for over 25 years as an owner, vendor and acquirer amongst other things, and have had quite a few adventures alongside recruitment during that time. These have included directorships of both publicly listed and private companies which have had great learnings and experience and exposure to very broad markets.

In  a much earlier life I have been a soldier, a bricklayer, a postman and a publican, all contributing to a life experience that cannot be bought! Today Bureau is my real life adventure which I am delighted to share with a great bunch  of partners here. I look after senior management positions across most industry sectors and look forward to sharing the Bureau story with you.

d:   09 216 2123
m:  021 727 505
e:   george@bureau.co.nz
s:   george@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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I’ve been in the HR services industry for 9 years, 5 of those being with a large recruitment business. Prior to the recruitment world I went to school, went to Uni, got my BCom and joined a global training and development company. It was in the world of work where my real education began.

Alongside commerce, I managed to get into a raft of less than ordinary past times; paragliding, windsurfing, rock climbing, triathlon… These days I’m more into renovating, photography and listening to the odd tune (through a tube amplifier and speakers I built of course).

My purpose is to help great sales and marketing professionals to map out and develop their career journey as well as working with companies to lift the calibre and performance of their teams. If you’re a candidate, or you need one, let’s talk.

d: 09 216 2017
m: 021 645 352
e: dale@bureau.co.nz
s: dale@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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My adventure in the world of HR, started way back in 1996. The many years since then have been an awesome mix of generalist HR management, recruitment, organisational development & training design and  facilitation, alongside of senior leadership responsibilities. I had the privilege of leading the charge in HR for an organisation that had no less than five ownership changes over 10 years and survived some pretty challenging times which really shaped my ability to think and contribute commercially to a business undergoing constant change and shareholder demand. 

Life is not all about hard work though – I spent the early part of my career working in the tourism and airline industries and that travel bug still rages on all these years later. 

I am very excited by what we at Bureau bring to our industry – a fresh approach that is always focused on tomorrow, not yesterday. I look after all assignments that are HR related, as well as senior leadership roles in other disciplines.  I also provide HR Management services and Psychometric Assessment support for clients who don’t have their own in-house resources.

d: 09 213 0845
m: 021 680 318
e: donna@bureau.co.nz
s: donna@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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Jumping into the world of work straight from school into the IT sector at Data bank (if anyone out there remembers that company!) I then stayed in some pretty dodgy low rent accommodation across Asia for 12 months and spent 4 years away.

Returning to NZ I then got my BA in English and Economics, tried teaching but realized it wasn’t my cup of tea and thought lawn mowing was where I would find my nirvana – unsurprisingly after 3 months I realised this was not to a path to enlightenment. Rescued from this by my wife getting a role in the UK where I stayed at home with our new born for 12 months. I entered finance and accounting recruitment in the UK – this was an exciting ride in the boom of the 90’s and after 8 years we returned to NZ in 2003 and I have been recruiting Finance and Accounting in Auckland since.

If not out cycling in my MAMIL outfit and getting dropped on the hills, I can be found attempting some outdoor pursuit of one form or another. Having been recruiting in the finance and accounting area for the last 15 years, in both perm and contract roles, I am well versed in the Auckland market and am excited by the opportunity to be involved in this new venture in Bureau.

d: 09 216 2422
m: 021 339 144
e: kieran@bureau.co.nz
s: kieran@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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I have been in the recruitment industry for over 10 yrs and held a number of positions from a para consultant through to senior consultant and now partner.

There are very few positions available today that offer the daily variety and people satisfaction that recruitment can, which I find hugely rewarding. I believe in striving to make a genuine difference in the lives of others through offering better work life opportunities. In my earlier career I was involved in retail and hospitality.

Outside of work I am a wife and mother of two and I understand the demands of running a busy household while juggling a career.  I am originally from the Hawkes Bay and probably best known for my passion for food, friends and family and a good bargain.

d: 09 212 1722
m: 021 0270 8372
e: sian@bureau.co.nz
s: sian@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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As well as obsessing over my new fitbit, I’ve been in the recruitment and training industries for over 15 years (with a brief sojourn in meat delivery), working in the UK and New Zealand. This has involved everything from graduate recruitment and training through to executive search across a number of sectors including technology, manufacturing, distribution and consumer.  I have led sales teams for the past 10 years but have been most challenged by coaching the Under 5 College Rifles Gunners rugby team.

I have worked for and with SMEs and global organisations giving me a good understanding of the business and people challenges faced by all. I am passionate about connecting sales and marketing professionals to companies with great leaders, culture and development opportunities.

I haven’t been this nervously excited since I did a shark cage dive and feel privileged to be working with such an experienced, motivated and amusing crew at Bureau as we set off on this new adventure… I look forward to sharing our story (and maybe a whiskey at the bar downstairs) with you soon.

d: 09 377 6447
m: 027 244 6447
e: scott@bureau.co.nz
s: scott@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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Prior to recruitment I spent 15 years in the FMCG sector with Coca-Cola in various sales and management roles until deciding on a career change. This was the start of my recruitment journey. I have spent the last 10 years in recruitment in both agency and client side (in-house at Vodafone).

So, with over 20 years experience in sales and recruitment combined, I’ve built a strong reputation for delivery and have extensive networks across many levels and industry sectors. I’m often called to search for hard to find talent. I take candidate care very seriously and focus my efforts on ensuring the best outcome for both clients and candidates. My core focus at Bureau is to help sales & marketing professionals with their careers and working with companies across New Zealand helping them secure the best talent.

Outside of work, lets just say, life is never dull – we have a busy household (a teenager, a tween and a set of toddler twins). I actually come to work for a rest!

d: 09 212 1698
m: 021 989 110
e: shelley@bureau.co.nz
s: shelley@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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My recruitment career has spanned over 10 years during which time I’ve had a fair few adventures and life changing experiences including marriage and children. My life prior to recruitment was extremely varied including careers in property management and real estate, project co-ordination, accounting, a supermarket checkout operator and delivering sandwiches to offices.

I’ve lived the life of a “WAG” to my professional rugby playing boyfriend (now husband) and resided in Spain and London for a number of years. I have travelled extensively throughout the world, jumped out of planes, fallen out of rafts down various rivers, climbed mountains, and been in a fair few dodgy aeroplanes, all contributing to an amazing life experience that makes me the person I am now. Today, Bureau is my real life adventure which I am delighted to share with a fantastic group of partners.

I look after senior accounting & finance, project management and financial services specialist roles across most industry sectors and look forward to sharing the Bureau story with you over a wine or whiskey as our new offices in Imperial Lane has at least four bars in very close vicinity.

d: 09 216 2224
m: 021 983 333
e: judith@bureau.co.nz
s: judith@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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By my early 20’s I had competed in three world water ski racing championships. I won in Vegas becoming NZ’s first world champ, came 8th in California and ended up with a dead arm in Rotorua. Luckily it came right after 6 months.

I hung up my ski, finished my degree, worked on super yachts in the Med, became a gardener, sold cupcakes, met David Hasselhoff, got engaged and forward the clock to 2016 I’m thrilled to be part of the crew at Bureau.

With 8 years of in-house and agency experience, accounting support and business administration is my focus. I look forward hearing your story, enriching your career and being part of your business performance goals.

d: 09 216 2116
m: 021 511 300
e: kristy@bureau.co.nz
s: kristy@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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Prior to working in recruitment I lived a nomadic life which consisted of 6 fun filled years living, working and back packing around the globe.

In 2012 I was lured back to NZ and this is where my recruitment career began. Today I specialise in recruiting Commercial Construction professionals across Main Contractors and Consultancies with a specific focus on Project Management, Estimating, Quantity Surveying and Site Management.

After hours you will find me fishing for snapper on the Hauraki Gulf and Auckland’s west coast , road tripping, scuba diving, tramping, travelling, cooking, boot camping or simply kicking back with a cold Gin and Tonic or a nice glass of red.

I am ecstatic to be the latest addition to the Bureau family, so if you are currently searching for top talent to join your team, or contemplating that next career move let’s catch up.

d: 09 309 8959
m:  027 209 8858
e: rachel@bureau.co.nz
s: rachel@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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I have 3 years’ experience as a recruitment consultant focussed on construction management. While this is a fairly big change from my previous life as a primary school teacher the transferable skills of organisation, communication, relationship building, and at times psychology have been valuable. Apart from NZ I have taught in Japan, the UK and I spent a month volunteer teaching in Ghana.

I love helping grow and strengthen businesses by finding the perfect match for their team. For me being able to advise and discuss future career plans/goals with my candidates is an intrinsic part of my process. I like to take time to listen and give and honest, timely and genuine feedback to all parties.

When I’m not at work you’ll find me getting a cultural fix of music, theatre and film, or getting into the outdoors tramping or gardening. I’m always keen to learn more and expand on my experiences and recently have learnt to brew beer, meditate and shoot possums.

d: 09 390 5469
m: 021 248 1630
e: megan@bureau.co.nz
s: megan@bureau.co.nz (skype)

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I’m a Mancunian having arrived in New Zealand four years ago via Perth where I was lucky enough to live in a shipping container for three months! Why? I was learning the tools by working as a painter on a commercial construction site and how can you ever leave construction after that experience!

If any of you don’t know, Manchester is the cultural capital of the world and home of both City and United of course, while spawning Oasis, New Order, The Smiths, Allan Turing and Emmeline Pankhurst… quite a variety!!

Prior to joining the crew at Bureau I have spent several years in construction recruitment, time in real estate and sales… and a bit of time at school.
When I am not working I enjoy making memories with family and friends. I’m a foodie so mostly eating good food and drinking great wine is my favourite pastime! And being from the UK originally, I like to complain and talk about the weather.

But you will let me off!

d:   09 212 5417
m: 021 748 818
e:   mailto:charlotte@bureau.co.nz

For our clients

You are expecting more of your people than ever before! So let’s make sure that they are equipped for the present and the future.
We will provide tools to make the recruitment experience easy, insightful and rich!

This experience will be delivered by an experienced Bureau partner, with unique, transparent pricing that will be clear and comfortable, whether you are growing, replacing, downsizing, restructuring or managing projects.

We can also surround and support this with a wide range of HR products and services, so once you have found the right people, we will stay close to ensure everybody is really connected!

For our candidates

You are pretty important to us, all of the time, and not just when we have a job to fill. So we want to be important to you, not just when you want to change jobs. But we will be very good, for when you do.

You really need to talk to us about your career, we can help even when it may not involve a job change. When it does though, we have some pretty clever tools and techniques to help you make the right change, to the right place, at the right time.

When it doesn’t, we can help you prepare to move up or across from where you are today, or make sure you are ready when the time comes to move out. Come and talk to us, even if its not the right time.

We have lots to talk to you about.

What we are good at

We are strong across both industry and discipline.
By industry we are particularly experienced and skilled across;

Financial Services


Public Sector
Retail and Wholesale

This also includes

Accounting and finance the full spectrum.

Supply chain and logistics positions at all levels.

Sales Across your entire function from Director to sales representative and into your call centre.

Customer service positions.

Marketing, Communications and Digital is a particular area of strength and again we are highly capable at all levels.

Specialist Banking and Insurance roles with no real boundaries here.

Human Resources from head of, to HR Administration including all specialist sub sets roles.

Project Management across all functions and levels.

Office support roles supporting all management disciplines.

Technology capable from CIO through specialist technical roles.

Senior Management from CEO through General Management and Heads of Departments.

But talk to us about other areas,
as we are sure to have touched them in some meaningful way.

Contact us

Level 1, Imperial Building
44 Queen Street, Auckland

PO Box 105951
Auckland 1143

09 212 5418 or 09 212 5417

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