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Manufacturing and Industrial

This project came about after we placed the Head of HR into a new organisation that Donna was providing interim HR support for. This organisation was in a state of flux and decisions needed to be made regarding the future of the business.
Initially Donna was engaged for 10 hours per week to provide business as usual HR Support on site, however this quickly became a large scale orderly wind down project where parts of the business were divested to two different owners (one publicly listed) and the remainder of the business wound down.
Donna advised on and managed all of the HR aspects for the divestiture and close down. Whilst the bulk of the project was completed in three months, she continued to provide adhoc support to the wind down team for a further six months.

A key achievement of this project was a grievance free restructure and redundancy programme for Auckland, Dunedin and Brisbane based staff. There was also great uptake of the support programmes provided to staff and everyone who wanted new employment, being able to find opportunities very quickly.

Home Solutions

After recruiting the Executive General Manager Human Resources, a large scale project to restructure the organisation was announced. This involved regionalisation of a previously centralised sales and operations function. Our HR Specialist was engaged to support the EGM by providing additional capacity to manage the restructure process. In conjunction with the leadership team, this involved preparing for the announcement, managing the feedback and consultation process, preparing for the confirmation meeting and then managing the internal recruitment and selection process for a diminished number of roles in Auckland and the establishment of new roles in various regions.

This was a complex restructure with many moving parts and extremely tight timelines to manage. The achievement was executing the programme with the desired outcome being reached within the timeframe allowed.