We work hard to meet our purpose of:

Creating meaningful connections in your world of work

There is not a lot that we don't have capability and experience in, in this world or work. But, we are specifically very good in these areas.
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We started Bureau, an executive recruitment and HR business in February 2016. All working partners, individually and together, with a long experience in recruitment, and feeling dissatisfied.

We were dissatisfied with how the recruitment industry had evolved and knew there was a better way!

A better way to be highly useful to clients who choose to use us. Highly useful to candidates, who are looking for “world of work” change, and a more purposeful place for yourselves in this world of work.

Now, well into the Bureau adventure, we know that our glimmer of an idea of a “better way” is here at Bureau.

We decided to work a
"Better way"

How? Pretty simple really. We just talked.

We talked to a lot of people. People who wanted to change jobs and people who wanted to find new people.

And what they told us, is what our industry did / did not make them happy…..so we changed!

Simple really!

Introducing: Talent 360

We deliver probably the best candidate representation product – TALENT 360

A totally integrated report on each shortlisted candidate, at your first interview, which includes:

– Report from a structured behavioral interview

– Reference check

– Saville Wave working styles psychometric Assessment

– Candidates Resume

and its all in our standard fee, delivered by a very experienced partner.

Tailored feedback to
progress your career

We provide individuals and organisations with tailored career transition, career coaching and leadership development services.

Well, thank you for the time you gave us. Without you, we would be quite hopeless!

We can:

Give you insights through 1:1 feedback from the Saville Wave Workstyles Assessment you will do for us. This enables us to represent you in a very rich manner.

Represent you in specific instances with our “Exclusive Candidate Contract” which is discreet, intimate, targeted and mutually accountable.

We agree on a fixed fee

Well the recruitment industry has charged a “percentage of salary” since the crew of the ark were being recruited!

How is this justified nowadays? We don’t know, and we don’t feel that we can charge more if agreed or offered salary packages change through the process.

Our work is generally done by this stage. So, we proffer a “fixed fee” by assignment

– it is agreed upon commencement

– it does not change, no matter what!

– does this give you surety of cost and confidence of process? Yes!

We work with
flexibility in mind

We can work anywhere and anytime to be of use to you.

Our office is on our laptop so locations are easy, with everything we to need to work together, present!

If you are having difficulty getting to us, we are very happy to jump into one of our zippy mini’s and come to you.

Overseas? Timings to connect are not a problem at all.

We have exclusive
candidate contracts

Looking for that next career step can be both a stressful and sensitive time. Where do I start? Who do I approach and how?

Our Exclusive Representation contract not only takes care of these concerns, but takes you to “market” in a very discreet, intimate, well managed manner, to an agreed client list. Agreed through discussions with you to assist in gaining clarity of where, who and why?

Come and talk to us about this.

For clients, you can be very confident in meeting high quality, motivated candidates ,expressed via our Talent360. With both parties having the time and space to meet, chat and determine if there is mutual value to pursue.