Joe Foy

Joe Foy

Originally from Manchester, UK, I immigrated to New Zealand in 2018. Though I haven't lost my British accent and still don't really know what "yeah, nah" means, Auckland has become my home, and I've truly become an adopted Kiwi at heart.

With over a decade of IT recruitment experience, my expertise covers tech, digital, and transformation. I'm passionate about connecting great people, sharing knowledge about the market, and staying up to date with the latest practices and trends in talent acquisition. I engage with local and international experts across the IT space, fostering long-standing relationships. I enjoy witnessing the growth and success of the careers of individuals I've placed in roles and learning about the innovative solutions and achievements they’ve helped create for their employer.

I partner with a wide range of enterprises, from fast-growth businesses to established SMEs and large-scale organizations. The service lines I cover include:

  • Software Engineering
  • Cloud & Infrastructure
  • Data & Analytics
  • Digital Transformation & Enablement
  • Cybersecurity

Outside of work, I play and coach football, potter around the home and garden tending to my many plants (my partner thinks I’m a little obsessed!), and get bossed around by my dog, who thinks he’s the alpha and I’m the delta.